tBPC Profile

Taiwan Biophotonic Co. (tBPC) is a global biophotonic technology company that develops and
manufactures innovative noninvasive and wearable vital-signs monitoring technologies,
including medical devices and a wide array of sensors.

A biophotonic technology innovator, tBPC is steadily growing by Twin Engines of me-only
technologies, including Wearable Vital-Signs Sensing (tBPC oCare®) and Non-invasive Glucose
Detection (tBPC TaiGi®) technologies. Both revolutionized technologies are expected to open
new markets and significantly expand the company’s growth opportunitie.

tBPC oCare®

Based on patented tBPC oCare® Sensor technologies, oCare Pro 100 is the first-and-only EU
CE Marking
certified pulse oximeter and smart watch that noninvasively and continuously
measures heart rate, blood oxygen and perfusion index level directly on the wrist, without
connecting a sensor probe clamped on the finger.

tBPC TaiGi®

Evolved from patented tBPC TaiGi ® Detection technologies,
TaiGi ® Lite 2.0 is the first-and-only clinical validated non-
invasive glucose meter that measures glucose level in the
aqueous humor of eyeball, without pricking blood samples
from the finger.

Taiwan Biophotonic Co. (tBPC) was founded by Dr. JC Chen with a team of superior engineers
spun-off from the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) in April of 2014. This startup team
was convinced that the use of micro-structured optical sensing technologies in the measurement of
physiological parameters could solve the problems of low SNR (signal to noise ratio) and motion,
which had long plagued in-vivo monitoring and especially wrist pulse oximetry and non-invasive
glucose detection.

Headquartered in the Biomedical Park of Taiwan, tBPC targets itself as the global leading biophotonic
company with a vision of creating distributive innovative technologies into personalized healthcare
paradigm which will revolutionize the healthcare system as we know it. Today, tBPC has grown
into a successful private medical technology company with full operations in developing and
manufacturing medical and healthcare products and marketing them into the
worldwide market.

tBPC provides physicians, nurse, patients and health persons with an
extraordinary advancement in healthcare. tBPC is also engaged in
numerous partnerships with other leading companies in medical
device, pharmaceutical and consumer electronics.